Office and warehouse of the first elements of the main businesses. Clients and respectable place to meet business partners will Need, which not shame Reputation and your design aesthetic appreciation. If business is the production of elements for the enterprise Related necessary. Our competence of employees will provide 100% of any service to your preference.

Agricultural land – a public registry of agricultural land plots registered in the land, which is used (and / or can be used) for the production of plant and animal products, the existing residential, agricultural and auxiliary premises or without them; B) Non-agricultural land – a public registry of non-agricultural land plots registered in the land; C) Change the target destination – agricultural land for non-agricultural land in the transfer; D) recreation area – the area, which according to the legislation has been granted the status of the recreation area; E) agricultural land compensation – agricultural land for non-agricultural Purpose Land instead of the value of money.

Agricultural land plots are registered in the public register of agricultural land plots, which are used for production of poultry and cattle production – the agricultural and auxiliary facilities or without them

2. Agricultural land plots are also:
A) Family (family) ownership share of the rural, community, legal entities pastures, hayfields and forests of;
B) the portion of agricultural land, which may be a separate right to object.
1. agricultural land (including inheritance) have the right to property:
A) A person households, according to the legislation of a citizen by a legal entity registered in Georgia;
B) an alien, foreign legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the alien’s legal entity registered in Georgia.

2 1. foreign and overseas registered legal entities are responsible for their own agricultural land including the property rights arising from six months to alienate citizens, families and / or the laws of Georgia, the legal person registered.

Office is necessary to note how many employees the choice to be placed inside. The interior has its own taste, and you can also select an existing one. It is desirable to create an employee with Comfort as a major part of the day there has to spend, well satisfied with the work done is equal to the employee.

Commercial space for rent, a very responsible job Select to properly place and environment. First place success Leads how crowded and Send out place to put your products.

This enterprise is a for-profit legal entity with the right formation, which is the sale of goods or trade Mark published articles

– persons and property of economic unity;

– units which perform an economic activity or that are of such activity


Empty office course nowadays work is not done, it is necessary to inventory, which means disposed Communication, computer equipment and other logistics will become an important one serving of you. The optimal solution for the company “beacon” offer.

Office equipment selection should note that it is beautiful and comfortable with the use should be also possible to take a small place.

When you come to the installation of means of communication to note that as much as possible and without any gaps properly mount everything without any power wiring and hide from public view.

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